All Pack events cancelled for Spring 2020

Hey, there, Pack 705 parents and leaders — in case you didn’t see the emails Don Scherer and myself have been sending out this past week, we have had to cancel all upcoming Pack (and Den) activities for the foreseeable future.

We didn’t come to that decision lightly, but we have to look out for the safety and health of our Scouts and Scout families first and foremost. We need our Pack family to stay safe during this trying time.

What this means specifically for us as a Pack is that this month’s final March Den meeting, which was scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st, is cancelled. Additionally, unless you hear otherwise, please anticipate that we will not be meeting. At this point, it seems likely that we won’t be able to meet for the next month at the very least.

Along with our Pack-level events, the Sam Houston Area Council has also cancelled all Council- and District-level events and facilities. This includes next month’s Scout Fair, which was scheduled for April 4th. All Scout Shops in the Houston area have been closed, and the sales of Scout Fair coupon books have been suspended.

All that said, we want our Scouts to continue working towards their advancement goals if at all possible. Please log into Scoutbook ( and take a look at what activities your Scout needs to complete to achieve their next rank — nearly all Scouting activities are designed so they can be completed with a Scout’s family rather than with a Pack or Den, so most should be achievable even now with some help from parents.

I’ll be working with the Den leaders to make sure you’re aware of what your Scout still needs to finish. Even if we can’t meet, there’s no reason our Scouts can’t advance. 🙂

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about any of this. It breaks my heart to have to cancel our spring activities and meetings, but it’s what needs to happen for us to all get through this safely.

On a non-Scouting note, please wash those hands, avoid groups of people, don’t go out to stores if at all possible, and keep that six-foot distance from anybody you talk to. This is a serious, deadly outbreak that’s already claimed a lot of lives, and the only way to flatten the infection curve is by taking these measures.

Stay safe, everybody,

-Jeremy Hart, Cubmaster, Pack 705